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say what i am called rhododendrums through your stomach symbientz fishfingers scritch/tank


SWIAC yan tan tethered thames whale



CCA Intermedia Gallery (October 2019)
Lizzie Watts and Yvonne Zhang, new film installation *in production -- sneek peek images*

Symposium: Plants Speak, We Listen. ( Jun 29 2019)
Contributing practicioner, I will be showing some of my previous work and current research.


April 2019 Swell Dir. Yvonne Zhang will be shown at Faraway Lands Film Night, Caraboo Projects, Bristol (VFX by Lizzie Watts)

Current edit can be found:




gif of a new work, a little red headed man with a long beak and yellow teeth. he has wide shoulders and a crushed velvet tunic, he is holding linked sausages